An Evolution in Doll Making

Making dolls is nothing new to me.  I have Heather and Bernadette and their getting me involved with editing for Rhythm of The Home to thank for that.

Oooooh those damn Waldorfians….they’re contagious, didn’t you know?

I remember the first time that I saw a Waldorf Doll.
I think my smile spread from ear to ear.
And I don’t mean those snore dolls without the faces. I am talking about those happy adorable smiley babies that make you just want to squeal.
Yea, those ones.

Over the year, I have made several variations on a Waldorf Doll.  My first attempt were the ROTH girls that I did a complete tutorial for the magazine readers.

And then I developed my Waldorf baby pattern which is in the store.  I have been figuring out my own method to the madness that is Waldorf Doll making.  It is an evolving process,  and I am quite happy with the  little lovelies that have found their way out of my sewing room.

I adore the little faces and heads of those sweet little dolls.  I just can’t help myself.

I am drawn to them.

I have made several different templates and patterns in my journey to creating my type of Waldorf Doll.  None of them felt right, and I became the Goldilocks of dolls, as I pulled the stuffing out and started over again, and again, and again.

And then I got it.  One day I just figured it out.  And it felt so good to have perfected upon the design that has evolved over time; in my head and at my fingertips.

All of our doll Patterns and Tutorials can be found in our store.  There is a doll tutorial for every sewing ability as well as age of child.


With each one that I have made I have gotten a little bit better at making the certain aspects of the doll that make it Waldorf.  My dolls are very much NOT the traditional style.   But there are deliberate little bits and pieces of the tradition intermixed in each.
They will always have our spin on it.

Our undeniable stamp of Quirk.
Our dolls will always be different and unique in their own way.
A little Mainstream mixed with a little Crunchy, just like ME.

A mix.

And we are Sooooo good with that.

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  1. I am also a fellow waldorf Inspired dolly maker. the first time i seen a waldorf doll i think i melted on the spot!
    I love how each and every person who makes them adds some of their own charm and personality into them! :) <3