Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bunting Baby Doll:: A Tutorial

Bunting Baby Doll
Pattern and Tutorial by Julia Daby

What better holiday gift for a little one than something cuddly, soft and made entirely by hand. This felt baby is just the right size to fit in a stocking or in the arms of a happy child. Bundled up in an easily embellished bunting, this little one is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.


2 pieces of desired felt with dimensions 9 inches x 12 inches for the front and back of the body
2 small pieces of desired skin tone felt for face and for liner of embellishment
Small piece of felt for hair
Small piece of cotton fabric
Embroidery floss


Print Patterns
As long as you increase the size of each of these two images by the same percentage, all of the separate components in the images will fit together perfectly.

Print out and cut 2 body halves and the embellishments out of your desired felt

To make the belly embellishment, cut out the circle pattern out of felt. Cut out a slightly larger circle from the desired cotton print fabric, so that you can envelop the felt with cotton.

Fold the cotton fabric over the edge of the felt and use a running stitch to sew the two layers together. This will leave a clean edge on the perimeter of the embellishment.

The front side will look like this.

Add the circle embellishment to the rest of your cut out felt and get ready for assembly.

Place the hair over the top of the face applique and the circle at the center of the doll’s belly.

Stitch the face, hair and circle into place using desired stitches. For added detail, you can mix up the stitches that you use. I used a mixture of a running stitch and blanket stitch. Once the embellishments are attached, you will do the final construction of the doll. Place the front body felt piece over the back body felt piece and use a blanket stitch all the way around the doll body, leaving the top of the head open for stuffing.

Stuff the doll, making sure not to overstuff, and that you fill the spaces at the tips of the hands and feet.

Once the doll is stuffed, close the opening used for stuffing with the blanket stitch.

You can keep the doll expressionless for a simpler design.  
If you want to add facial features though, for the eyes, simply stitch two straight stitches where the eyes will be and create lashes by making straight stitches vertically over the horizontal stitches.

Knot and trim your thread.

The mouth is also a personal preference. You can make a smile, a straight line, a little dot, or no mouth at all…whatever you like, just make sure that it is secured with a tight knot to prevent unraveling.