Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Windfall Dolls :: A Doll Donation

It's been a bit since we shared in this space.  We've taken an bit of a sabbatical from doll making in favor of just plain lounging around and enjoying our boys.  It's been marvelous but we have missed the sharing here.

We did want to share with you a few of the creations from the weeks leading up to our break.
You see, there is a new indoor play place that opened recently in town.  It is a real treat for the kids in this small town who don't have many fun places to go when the weather is not cooperating.

As a donation to the kids who will be playing there, we stitched up a few dolls for the kids who visit the space to play with and to love.

We agreed to stitch up some smaller dolls of the swaddle and baby doll variety to share with the new play place.  Two of each.

It took a week or so to stitch them all up, and when we were done, we were so very happy with the results.  But then feeling extra generous, we decided that we would sew up two large dolls for sharing as well.
Our girl was the first to be made.  And the funny thing is that I had her name picked even before that I had begun making her.  Her name is "Lolly".  I love it when that happens.

Her creation began in March during a period of snow and cold here in this area.  Our goal was to make her bright and cheery.  Like sunshine.

Her hair is a glorious mix of yellows, pinks, and white wool.

Her clothing complements her hair in both colors and summery-ness.   We chose a happy little hippo to embellish the front of her shirt.  

For the colder months though (of which there are many here in the North Country) we decided on a pair of pants upcycled from a warm striped sweater.

Emelia and Kendall had a lot of fun visiting with Lolly.  They played with the other baby dolls that we had made and had little tea parties on the floor.  Once I finished the second doll  though(which was a baby boy)  they all stood over their baby brother and took turns cuddling him, reading him stories, and changing his diaper.  

After they had spent some time with the little babe, I asked for their advice on what to name their little baby brother.

They tossed names such as James, Sawyer, Jack around but none of them seemed to fit.

In the end, they asked Hayden to come over and help with the decision.  Hayden took one look at the little baby laying peacefully in the Moses basket and christened him "Beeboo".

And I agreed immediately.  Lolly and Beeboo were just the right whimsical names to go with two big dolls that were on their way to play with so many little ones.

We are going to the play place soon and we will be sharing some photos of the dolls in their new home.

XOXO, Jules and Laura