Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make Your Own Easy Waldorf Doll Sized Felt Book

The other day I made a little book for our newest Waldorf Lass. Here I share the super simple tutorial so you can make your own.

This would be a great craft for young hands to help with!

 Start with a high quality wool felt. I chose Feltworks 100% wool felt from Michaels. 

Cut out 3in. X 3in. squares of felt. Then cut out small letters, shapes, or any other design you wish in a contrasting colored felt.

I chose the following design. Simple

After you have laid out your design, warm up your glue gun and glue the back sides of the letters. 

Then place the letter on the felt as you would like it placed. 

Hold pressure over the letter with your palm for a minute or two.

Then inspect the letter for secure attachment, and add additional glue where needed.

 Do the same for all of the other pages.

Then stack the pages as you like and using a blanket stitch (found here) secure the pages as you would find a book binding.

It doesn't have to be perfect,  and the pages don't have to be perfectly lined up. Makes for easier page turning by those little fingers ;)

Handmade stitches show love!

Enjoy! Thanks for looking.

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  1. This is a great idea, super cute! i also wanted to make sure you received my email/address about Max. i haven't heard back from you! thanks!