Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Confession :: Muse #2

Today, on a day that we would ordinarily be sharing with you all a brand new Windfall Doll for giveaway... we are not.

Instead, there is a confession that needs to be made.

Something that has been eating away at us for weeks.

At least three times over the past 2+ months we have kissed the cheeks of her precious face goodbye.  We have wrapped her up in tissue paper, written out the congratulations card, and tucked her into a box.  Only to find ourselves promptly tearing up the card and ripped into the tissue paper shrouding this sweet girl.

I feel a bit remorseful, embarrassed and even more so... selfish to admit this.  I had contemplated just not sharing this part of the story.  To continue to share photos and dolls here in this space and not share the story behind Kendall and her fate.

But I decided to be honest and let you all know that little Miss Kendall never made it off into the big big world.

I can not bring myself to let her leave.

The thing is, I think I knew that one of my dolls would eventually tug ever so strongly at my heart strings, begging me to stay.  Pleading with me to not put them in a box, wishing with all their heart to stay with their sister Emelia.

Sierra was actually the first to do this to us.  She was "this close" to not leaving me.  She was immensely hard to say goodbye to.  But I did and although I was very sad to see her go, seeing pictures of her in her new home makes it all so worth it.

When it came to Kendall, I decided to follow my gut.

Through the process of her making, I was continually falling in love with her.  I was smitten with her slightly off kilter eyes, her shiny strands of hair, her pants and tunic in my favorite shade of turquoise.  She epitomizes  what I want all of my dolls to look like.  I find her practically perfect in every way.  And so I chose to keep her.  To set the standard of what I want for my dolls.  To inspire me to follow her lead.

My second muse.  Emelia will always be my first babe...the doll that started it all.  The girl with skinny long arms, and a less stuffed body, the girl with the delicate features.  The one I fell in love with first. The little girl who's pattern we have tweaked and perfected until we were completely happy with it.

Until I created Kendall with our rectified pattern and I saw just exactly what this dollmaking thing is all about.

And so, I apologize,  but I will be keeping Kendall here with me and Emelia.

I am so happy knowing that Emelia and her will be together forever.  Snuggling under the covers together ever night, and helping each other to get dressed every morning.

My two muses.

And now the good news.

Please be sure that this is not the end of the Windfall Dolls, I have one in the works right now that is a little lad.  My first.  I can't wait to share him with you.  He is quite special, but I PROMISE that he will not have the same fate as Kendall.

He will be gifted to one of you.  
Our dear readers.


  1. It is nice to know that your passion with your dolls is so complete that sometimes you have to hang onto one rather than share her with one of your readers. I can understand why you kept her, she is gorgeous and quite different from your first beautiful girl. Amazing to see the evolution of your craft in such a great way - and a cuddly way.
    I am really excited about seeing your boy, I have a son who loves his doll and would love one like yours to add to his bed. He has one doll and as his sister has at least 5, who are friends, he is always talking about getting a friend for his doll too.

  2. What a sweet story. It really shows your love for these dolls you create. It was a good idea to share it, I think.

  3. Kendall is truly special!!! Thanks for sharing the story with us. ~Aishah