Tuesday, November 27, 2012

::One year of Windfall Dolls::

Today we looked back on the past year.  We looked back at all of the dolls that we have made. We looked back on all of the happy faces and smiled.  

Remembering the catch in our breath as each one came to life before our very eyes.  

Remembering the hand picked tissue paper and yarn or fabric that we gently wrapped them in on their voyages to their new families.

Remembering the kisses that we placed on those chubby cheeks at the last minute of goodbye.

Remembering each one for how special they were and how happy they made some little ones.

One year ago TOMORROW, we decided to dedicate a single year to giving away our dolls to deserving little ones.
One year ago we hit publish and watched with baited breath as readers from far and near left little lovely comments telling us about their deserving little one.

One year ago, as melodramatic as it sounds...our lives changed.  For the better.

And so, today not only marks the end of a year of giving away our Windfall Dolls.  

It marks the beginning of a SECOND year of giving away our dolls.

That's right!  We had only planned on doing this for a single year, but the response to this site and the love that we have received has been nothing if not overwhelming.

Enjoying the time together. Stitching and laughing and listening to our little boys playing in another room.  Happiness in the rhythm of the needles going in and out of fabric.  The crochet hooks creating the tiniest of caps for some little dolls.

How could we stop now?

We can't.

And so, we leave you with a preview of some of the giveaway goodness to come.  There is going to be more interviews with fellow doll makers, more tutorials, and MORE giveaways!

Thank you for your love and support.  
We love you all right back!

XOXO, Julia and Laura (and of course, Emelia too!)


  1. How incredibly inspiring you two are! Thank you for the wonderful dolls and tutorials. Looking forward to following along for another year. Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Congratulations on one year of creating and blogging and inspiring others. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. What a wonderful year, gorgeous dolls :-)

  4. How wonderful you both (all??) are. To give away 1 doll that you have lovingly made is fantastic - to give away a year's worth is absolutley incredible. but to continue for another year - words are not enough to explain. You are a blessing to those who's paths you cross.

    Ihave never attempted to make a waldorf doll - but I have made other types so I can fully appreciate the effort that goes into them.

    blessings to you both...

  5. What beautiful dolls! Congratulations on starting your second year. We would absolutely love to feature your dolls in our Davis Waldorf School auction in March. If you are interested in donating a doll or placing an ad, please email me at info@syrendell.com. I really want to get more quality Waldorf inspired toys into homes. Thanks! --Jennifer