Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emelia's Warmer Wear

A few weeks ago I walked in on Miss Emelia sitting at my sewing machine.  She had convinced our kitty Whitie to press the foot pedal and she was busy feeding some brown fabric through the machine.

She jumped when she heard me open the door and asked me to please step back out of the room.  
"No no Mama!  I'm making something, it's a surprise!"

And so I stepped back out of the room until she called for me later that day.  She shyly asked for some help in pulling on her stockings.


My girl made some stockings!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to the tights that she made, Emelia made herself an entire outwear ensemble that she upcycled from an old sweater that she found in a basket.  Complete with a warm little vest and a cute cat hat with pointy ears.  She said that after Whitie helped her so much with the sewing machine pedal, she wanted to honor him with a hat to remind her of his help in making her clothes.

Yep, that's my girl.

I asked her why she wanted warmer clothes and asked her if the woodstove was not making our house warm enough for her.

"Oh no Mama, it's really warm inside...but I wanted to go outdoors with you like Sienna did.  Can we go for a walk by the river too?"

But of course my girl.

And so I helped her get bundle up in the rest of her yummy wool and off we went.

She was pretty psyched to climb the boulders and to walk on the path.

Sitting there for a while, watching and listening to the river that Sienna had told her all about during their visit.

It was a lovely walk and I have to say... I think I may have found my new seamstresses.  Whitie and Emelia seem to have a good racket going here and I welcome them to keep up the work with any future dolls wardrobes.



  1. OK~Julia, I always tear up when I read your posts and stories! You are a Gem!

  2. Lovely! Emelia is such a talent. Thanks for the post, it cheered up a dreary weather day and gave me some sewing ideas :)