Thursday, September 13, 2012

::The making of a face::

Emelia decided that it was high time that her newest friend get some eyes and lips.  It has been months afterall and she wanted to hear her new friend tell her all about her life.

I promised her soon.  And then "soon"became weeks.  

Apparently, I took too long and Emelia took matters into her own hands.  I found her sitting on the sewing room table with a doll needle in one hand and her new friend laying at her feet.

I asked her if I could help her and she said "Nope Mama, I have it." 

And so she did.

She ran her fingers through her new friend's hair and decided that yes... orange eyes were just the ticket.

It took all the self control that I could muster not to take the needle from her hands, but I didn't.

And the end result of rectangle eyes that she decided on surprised and delighted the us both.  
A change from the norm.  

Perfect, my girl.  Just perfect!

When we sat later...the THREE of us and shared a bit of tea and cookies, I listened as our new friend told my sweet Emelia how thankful she was for her superb work and just how much she liked to see her new world now.

A world that will grow in leaps and bounds in a few weeks when she goes on to join her new family after our Seasonal Windfall Dolls Giveaway.

See you then.

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