Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A girl and her bow

Yesterday Emelia kissed her babies goodbye and sent them off into the big world to their new family.  She was a bit sad to see them go, and i tried to cheer her up with a bit of a spa day.

I gave her cheeks a bath, to wash away the tears that she had shed.  She has been asking me for a new hairstyle for a while now( she'd had it down straight for months ) and I thought that today was just the day to try something out.

I asked her what she wanted as the style.  

" A BIG bow Mama!  Right up on top of my head, really high!"

Alrighty then, my girl.

I gave her free reign in my fabric yarn.

She (of course) picked out one that would coordinate with not only her hair, but her dress too.  (She's matchy-matchy like her Auntie that way.)

Out came the scissors and she trimmed it to a good length. Enough for a BIG bow.

 I tied it up nice and high, but she asked me nicely to re-do it.
" Even higher Mama!"

And so I did.  As high as I could get it.

And there we have it.  Our happy little girl and her BIG, BIG bow.


  1. Cute hair bow. Love the photos!

  2. Emelia is just like my Lucy with bows in her hair. It looks lovely on her.
    Those babies will be so loved and cared for here.
    Cant wait to receive them. Safe travels!

  3. HEHEHE. Matchy Matchy! Like me is right, except mine would be black...LOL! I love a high pony as well. Are you sure she isn't my girl?