Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And the winner is!

We wish that we had more babies to give away right now! Don't worry though, the Wee Ones will be a staple in our monthly giveaway, that is for sure. 

As for the winner of Abigail and Abbott, the winner is:: Alma!

Alma said:
I am already so in love with Abigail and Abbott. They will make a perfect addition to our family and will be so loved. My princess and I will be happy to make them a handmade bed and somewhere they can play and rest. This is a lovely giveaway and you tell a lovely story of how they were born. So sweet of your little one to help in the process. I am a follower from NY and a lover of all things handmade with love.

We will be emailing you soon Alma!

Thank you all so much, we will be holding an extra giveaway or two in the months to come!


1 comment:

  1. Oh my ! I am so overwhelmed! This is a lovely surprise and i am super excited to be receiving them into me home. I will keep this to myself until she arrives to really surprise my princess. Thank you for making such a wonderful giveaway and making out happy home happier! Many blessings and thanks!