Friday, April 27, 2012

::Emelia::Our Muse

Little Miss Emelia is my sweetheart.  She is my original doll, the one that was born while I made our Waldorf Doll Tutorial.

She is not my first doll though.  There have been many, many.  Below are just a few of the ones before her.  They are special in their own right, as they helped me to understand the construction of our dolls, as well as the proportions and characteristics that I wanted for our dolls.

And I will keep them.  As a reminder of how far that we have come.  
Doll making is nothing, if not an evolution.

But sweet baby Emelia.  She is my ultimate love.  She came together in one day, serenaded by the clicking of the shutter of my camera while I took photos for the tutorial.

I dressed her in a preemie sleeper half way through the tutorial process and she became a baby for all of an hour.  But man did I cram in the activities with her...all those months ago.

And then it was time to grow up.  There was a tutorial for a dress to make!  And she was oh, so happy to have a new outfit.

Then came the hair tutorial.  A mix of worsted wool yarn in red hues, she got the hair that she never knew she really wanted.

And with that hair and face came curiosity and interest.  She's got one hand into everything, this little one does.

She also begs me regularly for different hair styles, of which I oblige. 

How can I say no to my muse?

And now, my girl Emelia is the one to never leave.  She is my sounding board, the one who talks me through the birth of her fellow dolls.  She is far from perfect, but she is the original. The one who started it all.  She gives me encouragement to create and reminds me of why it is that I love this hobby of doll making.

Her baby hair makes me laugh, I don't like that yarn anymore.  Her little nose, her long arms... just right for hugging.  Her face is my favorite that I have ever done, I have tried to duplicate it with no success and have decided to just let it go.  It may be fate...meant to not be copied.

She's far from perfect.  I have updated the tutorials several times due to tricks and kinks that I have worked out, but she is mine.  My muse.

And now, we want to you have a muse?


  1. No, I do not have a muse. But I DO have an a-muse-ing son who creates with me and makes me laugh. :)

  2. I must confess I have a living muse. I have worked in education my whole adult life and had many wonderful students, but in December 2010 when my own daughter made her debut I was not only smitten, but wonderfully inspired. Since her birth I've gotten back to sewing for pleasure - making curtains for her room, putting together summery dresses and thanks to Adirondack patterns I have ventured out into sewing a special friend for Callie. My hope is to as she grows add to her collection of friends with a bigger doll or two. My muse also has me daydreaming of making matching dresses for both daughter and doll, which is what my own grandmother did for me back in the day. Thanks for sharing Emelia's story.