Sunday, April 22, 2012

Doll shorts undies bloomers pattern and tutorial

I know that's it's earlier than we promised, but here is the tutorial and pattern for a sweet pair of bloomers for your Waldorf doll.  These bloomers fit perfectly on our Larger Dolls, but they will also fit any doll from 14 to 20 inches, as they are quite easily adaptable.

It is a very easy project, and just right for a beginner sewer.

~Lightweight cotton fabric
~ 1/4 inch elastic
~ sewing machine
Bloomers Template (print to fit a 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of letter paper. )

Place the template on top of a piece of doubled up cotton fabric with the straight edge on a fold.

Cut out 2 of these.

Open up each piece.

Fold over the hem of the pant legs twice ( inward towards the inside of the fabric), press and seam.

To add the bloomer effect ( or the ruffle)

 you will cut a piece of elastic that is approximately 2/3 the width of the bloomer leg ( see below )

To stitch the elastic and create the stretch and puckering with the elastic you will follow these instructions.  Using a wide and tight zig zag or a straight stitch, you will start at one edge of the bloomer leg, 1 inch above the hem and stitch and pull the elastic across to the other edge of the bloomer leg.


Pull the fabric through towards the back of the machine at the same time that you are pulling the elastic taught. By pulling in opposite directions, you make the elastic tension.

Now it will look like this.

Repeat on the other leg.

Fold each pant leg in half wrong side out and stitch the inner leg seam on the dotted as shown.


NOTE::  You can serge any rough seams if you have a serger.

Turn one of the legs right side out. ( pictured on the left )

Tuck the right side out leg INTO the wrong side out leg, so right sides are together.

Line up the crotch centers of the pant legs and pin the wrong side out body flaps to the right side out body flaps.
Pin and sew the body flaps together making a continuous line from the left to right, making sure that the crotch is at the center. Use a 1/3 inch seam allowance.
It will look like this.

 Turn both legs of the pants inside out.

Double fold over the waist band hem 1/2 inch each fold so that there are no rough edge, seam and pin.

Stitch all the way around the waistband, close to the bottom fold of the fabric, leaving a 1/2 to 1/3  inch gap for threading elastic. 

Leave a small opening once you reach the end of the waistband.  This is where you will feed in the elastic cord.

Attach a safety pin to one end of a length of 1/2 inch elastic and insert the safety pin elastic into the opening in the waistband.

Feed the elastic all the way around the waistband casing. Once you get all the way around and back to the opening, pull the safety pin back out.

 Cinch the waist to the desired amount.

Place a pin at that point, very close to the waistband, and use a zig zag stitch to secure the two pieces of elastic together, trim excess elastic. This makes the circle of the waistband complete.

Trim the excess elastic and tuck the rough edge into the folded-over waistband opening. You can stitch the opening closed now.

Turn the bloomers right side out and double check that the seams are intact. Then put them on an adorable doll!

These bloomers can be a nice pair of shorts if preferred.

You can also scrunch them up at the legs, and they become a pretty pair of undie.bloomers for your doll.

There you have it!

We hope that you will enjoy making lots of little bloomers for your babes.

And little miss Emelia can breathe easily, as we have kept our promise to her fellow dolls.


  1. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do here on this site! Between the tutorials and the giveaways, I am blown away by your

    generosity with your time and knowledge. My girl has a 15" doll that is without a complete wardrobe, but with all your tutorials, I think I can fix that quite easily. Thank you again!

  2. I would so like to try my hand at a "bigger" friend for my daughter. Seeing how easy the bloomers are may just make me take the plunge. As always thanks for being such an inspiration and sharing your talents!

  3. thankyou so much, my doll has been without pants for way too long now !

  4. OMG~Julia, they are ADORBS!!!! Love, you did an awesome job!