Friday, April 20, 2012

Bonnets and bloomers and babies... oh my

I was chomping at the bit to create a new doll after I mailed off Marabel and Felicity to their new homes.  A bit of an empty feeling takes over me when I give each babe a final hug and kiss before tucking them into their packaging beds.

With a new supply of fabric and ideas swimming around in my head, I sat down at the machine and got to work.  My muse Emelia lent me her ear as I tried to make up my mind on what type of doll that I was going to make.  After all, she's been begging me for a playmate.

And so we rolled with her ideas.  The templates came out, clothes were made, and one precious babe has started to be brought to life

She has a tendency to breath down my neck and peek over my shoulder while I stitch.  Quite the task master, that one is.

(Emelia looking on at my progress.)

Emelia is quite please with herself.  She loves a baby and picked out all of the things that she would want for her own baby.

She decided on a bonnet (of course).

And a pocket for her baby to carry a little trinket in (practical).

She also cornered her Auntie Lala in the livingroom during a visit and kindly asked her if she might make her baby a sweater to keep warm with.

Auntie Lala was only too happy to oblige.

And finally, there was the one thing that she just wouldn't hear " No" about.  She insisted that this baby needed a proper pair of bloomers.  

Complete "with flouncy ruffles, Mama!".  

And so a new babe is stirring.  Being brought to life... stitch by stitch, slowly but surely.


Note:  Emelia just cannot fathom the fact that there are other dolls out in the world who have never known the fabulous-ness of a flouncy pair of bloomers.
She's actually quite upset with me that she, herself is without a pair.

I guess I had better get to work.

As a treat for our readers, Emelia has asked that we share the tutorial and template for the bloomers.  
We will be sharing the tutorial on Monday the 23rd.


  1. Oh Yes. Flouncy bloomers are essential!
    Gorgeous, as always ღ

  2. Your post made my rainy Monday a bit more cheerful. Love the flouncy bloomers and a pocket is a must have! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your site. I am teaching myself to learn as many crochet stitches I can in order to learn to read the instructions. I am making my first Waldorf doll and need to find patterns for some cute clothes. I fell onto your site and love it. Thanks