Monday, April 30, 2012

::April Windfall Dolls Giveaway::Meet Abbott and Abigail

Each month leading up to our regular Seasonal Large Waldorf Doll giveaway as promised...we will be sewing up a few smaller dolls for giving away.  This includes not only our Lillipals variety of dolls, but our Swaddle babies, newborn babies, and any other smaller dolls that we happen to come up with..

A bit of a tide-me-over for all of our readers. 

Each monthly small doll's name will be inspired by the month in which they were created.

As our April giveaway, we have a surprise!  Twins! 

::Abbott:: The father of the abbey

::Abigail:: Father's joy

The story of Abigail and Abbott::

Abigail and Abbott came to be after a long talk that I had the Emelia.  She knew that I was deep at work on the Summer Windfall Doll, which is a baby per her request.  She has hinted ump-teen times about how she wanted the baby to be hers.  Asking such innocent questions as "Why does the baby have to go to someone else's home?"  and  "Don't you think that we would have fun together mama?"

I told her of all of the families that don't have the resources to buy dolls for their little ones, of the children who would snuggle and love the baby just as much as her (if not more).  I also reminded Emelia that the baby was exactly her size, and that it would be awfully hard for her to carry around a baby that big.

To make my girl feel a bit better, I offered to make her either a swaddle doll or a teether doll for her to hold as a baby of her own.  

She snorted at me "Humpf!  Mama!  Swaddle dolls are too big for me too!  And a teether doll?!?!?!  Those are for babies and I am a BIG girl!"

My mistake, sweetie.

And so, I got out my supplies and made a new template.  I shooed my girl Emelia out of the sewing room, setting her up with some tea and cookies in the kitchen.  Only then was I able to get to work.

After an afternoon spent creating, I snuck away myself, to pick up my boy from school.  

Why I got home, I heard whispers coming from the sewing room.  I peeked through the door frame and there on the sewing room table was Miss Emelia cuddling a new babe with her lips to his ear.

When I asked Emelia what she was telling the baby, she told me " I was telling the baby not to cry.  I told him that Mama's a little slow with making faces and for him not to worry, he would get one soon."

She knows me all too well that little one.  I am slow with faces.

I told Emelia to skeedattle once again and promised her that the next time that I let her into the room that she would have a surprise.

And so she did.

When I let her back in later in the evening, the giggles and squeals of excitement were undeniable.  For there in her arms I laid not one, but TWO new babes.  

Just her size.

She immediately got into the motherly role.  Rocking and snuggling her babes until they drifted and cooed off to a peaceful slumber.

She then laid them in their makeshift bed and tucked them in.

While the babies slept, Emelia gave me the biggest hug and asked "Mama, what have you named them?".
I told her that I hadn't...that the honor of giving the twins names was all hers.

And so after many names being tried out and nixed, we introduce...

::Abigail and Abbott::

Abbott and Abigail are fraternal twins.  With slight differences, as all twins require, of course.  Abigail is a bit slighter that Abbott. (she's a girl after all) and her smile is a bit more prominent.  They both have blue eyes, but Abbott's are a lighter shade.  They are both made of interlock, uber-soft flannel, and are dressed in precious little ruffle bonneted sleepers.  They each measure between 6 and 7 inches tall. 

They are made using our newest Wee Ones pattern which is a hybrid of sorts between our swaddle doll and our teether doll.

Emelia surprised me and has asked that I give these babes away.  (Don't worry, she has already picked out fabric for me to make a new one just for her)  The only thing that she asks for her little twins is that wherever they go, there are promises of comfort and love whispered into those new little ears.

If you are interested in having Abigail and Abbott join your family, please let us know what it is that you love about them and how you will make them a part of your family.  

Also, please become a follower of this blog and leave a comment at the end of this post. The giveaway will be open for one week.  We will randomly choose a winner at night on May 7th and we will contact the winner via email.  

Be sure to leave your email in your comment so that we can contact you!

For an extra chance to win:

~Write about Windfall Dolls on your Blog (feel free to use a picture of the twins) and leave another comment letting us know that you did so.

Each comment counts as one entry
It saddens us to mention this, but we just want to be clear.  Please do not comment if you are planning on selling this doll.  She is meant to go to a family who will appreciate her.  It would break our hearts if she was given to someone with poor intentions.


  1. Oh man, that is just the sweetest story I've ever read. You and Emelia are angels (and you can tell her I said so). I hope that whoever wins these babes gives them the love they deserve.

  2. I loved reading the story behind Abigail and Abbott and I am sure my two girls, ages 18 mo and 3 yrs would love the dolls. Your dolls are so simple yet so beautiful that I can see being a life long treasure for them.

    * I love the name Abigail, but I personally know several Abigails, so don't think I would ever choose the name if we are blessed w/ another girl as we try to choose uncommon names.

  3. love the story, the size, the sweet faces...! my 3 girls would adore them. Love the names, abigail has always been at the top of our girl name list. so sweet.

  4. You can tell Emelia that Abigail and Abbot would be very welcome at our house. There's a 19 months boy very gentle and sweet. They wouldn't miss kisses and snugles... They are lovely, these twins

  5. These two are such cuties! My 3 little ones would love them to pieces. I love that they are smiling in their sleep. . .

  6. So sweet! I have identical twin girl toddlers. Abigail and Abbott would be the perfect first dolls for them - even if they are fraternal dolls! :)

  7. So cute! Perfect for my one yr old.

  8. We will be travelling this summer to meet and bring home our adopted children from Lithuania. Our little girl, we are told, loves dollies. We would love to bring her such soft, sweet babies to care for as her life gets turned upside down yet again.

    1. If I could vote for a person to receive these dolls, it would be this little girl. I hope all goes well as you bring your children home!

    2. Thank you! So sweet of you!

  9. So sweet! My oldest daughter is named Abigail and she would take great care of them! I follow your blog. Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  10. so tiny and sweet!

  11. These are beautiful dolls and I think my kids would really enjoy playing with them, especially since we have a new baby on the way. They are very, very sweet. THanks for the chance to win them.

  12. They are so sweet. I want to hold them now. My grandsons (18 month old and one on the way) are moving here (from Boston to Texas) this summer and i will get to hold a newborn. Can't wait.

  13. These dolls are so sweet. My Henry is learning to kiss his toys (mostly reserved for Brown Bear right now) but I know these two would get lots of love from him.

  14. I can think of no one more deserving than Eleanor, my god daughter who just turned 4. She lives in rural northern Maine and life for her family can be hard up in that part of the country. Eleanor has a lot of love to spare and would be thrilled if these two arrived at her door as she is a wonderful "mom" to all her "babies".

  15. I am already so in love with Abigail and Abbott. They will make a perfect addition to our family and will be so loved. My princess and I will be happy to make them a handmade bed and somewhere they can play and rest. This is a lovely giveaway and you tell a lovely story of how they were born. So sweet of your little one to help in the process. I am a follower from NY and a lover of all things handmade with love.

  16. I love these little dolls. My mom made a Waldorf doll for my daughter Kate for Christmas this year, and they would be a wonderful addition to our Waldorf family. Their sweet little faces remind me of my little one when she was first born!

  17. I am also a follower, and I wrote about you on my blog! Thanks for the chance... I'm so grateful!


  18. They are smal and beautiful! They would make a fantastic addition to our family. Thank you ever so much for the chance.
    susand1408 at googlemail dot com

  19. Lovely! I like that they're the perfect size for my little one to hold and snuggle. Thanks for the chance.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. I follow on gfc

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. I have twin granddaughters who would love loving these babies!

    3dears (at) gmail (dot) com