Saturday, April 7, 2012

And the winner is...

While it is always bitter sweet to send off one of our dolls from the Windfall Dolls Nursery, we are happy to announce the winner for March's giveaway, Marabel... 

The winner is  ::   Julia

Who said:  
My little girl Donna is the best 2 year old mommy ever! She adores her babies, lovingly feeding and burping them. She makes sure each one has a blanket and rocks them to sleep singing "rock a bye baby". She also insists that they each have a binky just like she does. Sweet Marabel would have the happiest of lives if she chose Donna as her mommy! She would love all the adventures we would have, we even have a little stroller for her to ride in on our long walks to the playground. She would be plenty warm on the way because she has her little shawl. Donna is little old soul who would be forever grateful for being chosen to be Marabel's new mommy.

Thank you for this wonderful thing you do. The world needs more people who just want to spread happiness while asking nothing in return.

We will be emailing you Julia!

Thank you all so much. 

See you at the end of April for our Monthly giveaway doll!  


1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful Easter present! Donna is so excited!! Marabel will have the happiest life with us! Thank you so very much ladies!