Friday, March 30, 2012

::Windfall Doll Giveaway:: Meet Marabel

Welcome to our third large Windfall Doll giveaway!

Four times a year we will be holding a seasonal giveaway of one of our larger Waldorf Inspired Dolls.  Each monthly doll's name will be inspired by the month in which they were created.

For our Spring Windfall Doll giveaway, we would like to introduce you to Marabel.  

:: Marabel:: Beautiful star of the sea

::A bit about Marabel::

Marabel is my sweetheart.  She and I have been together for months, deciding what to wear, what colors her eyes would be, how big of a smile she would have.  This past month we got all of the details together, shook hands, and made a plan.  

Below you will get to know Marabel and why it is that I love her so much.

Marabel is a good girl.  She is always looking to help around the house and especially likes to get her hands into my sewing supplies.    My stash of vintage wooden thread spools drew her eye almost immediately once I took her out of the doll closet.

She told me that the colors of them remind her of treats.  "Really yummy shiny sweet treats."  She likes to chose a few spools to play with while she visits with me while I make other dolls.  Stacking them up as high as she can.

And her patience.  I seriously need to take lessons from her before she leaves me.  

Even when a new Lillipal asks to join in the fun and accidentaly topples over her tower.  Little Miss Marabel simply pats her on the head and tells her...

 " It's OK little one.  Just wait until Mama sews you some beautiful eyes like mine.  Then you will build even taller towers.  All the way to the sky. "

::The Details::

Her hair is enormous and lovely and pretty.  It is the loveliest shades of purple in two different weights of wool.

Marabel asked me for a hair-do that would keep the hairs out of her face while she helps in the sewing room.  Inspired ever so slightly by my idol ( the amazing Fabs at Fig and Me ), I obliged by making a tiny french plait at the top of her head.

She said that it would do just fine.

Her wardrobe is handmade as always.   The dress is made using our new pattern.  

We needed to add a little something special to Marabel's outfit, so we upcycled a pretty eyelet bedskirt and turned it into a lovely apron for her to dry her little hands on.

She complains that her feet are always too, too, too hot, so I crocheted her some little sandals using a creamy white worsted wool yarn.

She requested a shawl, so that she could be sure to stay warm wherever it was that her new home would be.  I ended up making one from an antique doily and added a  vintage button to close it. 

If you are interested in having Marabel join your family, please let us know what it is that you love about her and how you will make her a part of your family.  

Also, please become a follower of this blog and leave a comment at the end of this post. The giveaway will be open for one week.  We will randomly choose a winner on April 6th and we will contact the winner via email.  

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment so that we can contact you!

For an extra chance to win:

~Write about Windfall Dolls on your Blog (feel free to use a picture of Marabel) and leave another comment letting us know that you did so.

Each comment counts as one entry
It saddens us to mention this, but we just want to be clear.  Please do not comment if you are planning on selling this doll.  She is meant to go to a family who will appreciate her.  It would break our hearts if she was given to someone with poor intentions.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A peek at our Spring Windfall Doll...

Our Spring Windfall Doll is  finished.  She is a bit taller than our normal template allows for, by simply adding an inch or so to the height.  She is my most favorite by far.

She has been around for months.  After Holly, but before Vivian.  

She has been waiting her turn to find a home.  Sitting in the doll closet (you can't really see her, but she is tucked into the corner on the right in the photo below).  Patiently watching as all of her friends get faces and clothes and get ready to meet their new families.

And now it is her turn.

I went through several outfits for her.  Should she wear one of regular doll dresses?  Or perhaps a pair of pants and a shirt?

In the end, after my twin Laura made a pattern (and consequently a few new dresses) I had to look no further.

With the perfect combination of fabrics, I had found her a few fabulous accessories of course.


Her hair is my favorite so far.  A mix of a bulky single ply and worsted single ply purple yarn.  It is uber-heavy, but absolutely stunning to be sure.

I am a bit concerned over the reality that I will soon be letting go of her.

But I will.  Because I have no need to keep her.  She will make some little one extremely happy and will fill their arms completely.  

Just as she has filled my heart.


Only 4 more days until the giveaway!  
Please stop by on Friday to see her completed!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A celebration.... Two years in business and a giveaway!

Please visit our store blog to reminisce with Laura and I over our business's coming of age.  It's been a wild ride.  There is also a fun giveaway for dresses for little ones, and free patterns.

Yip to the skipee!

Here's a sneak peek at the gorgeous dresses that Laura stitched up just for the giveaway.


Jules and Laura

Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the winner is...

We so wish that we had more babies to give away right now.  So many new friends with sweet children who wish for a handmade doll to care for and love.

As for February's giveaway, sweet baby Felicity... 

The winner is  ::   Cal
Who said:  
I have appreciated your handmade Waldorf dolls for a good while, since I found you through sewmamasew. Right now would be the best time to have Felicity join us. My oldest child is almost 6 years old and praticing mothering on her baby brother. He has just passed his first birthday and is in love with all things baby. He is a very sweet boy who hugs and kisses his cloth and fluffly dolls. Felicity would be loved by all!

We will be emailing you Cal!

Thank you all so much.

See you at the end of March for our Spring Equinox giveaway doll!  

PS!  It's a larger doll.