Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Lillipals

After watching me make dolls for a long while, my twinnie surprised me by requesting a lesson in doll making.

Are you serious? Let's get started!

I was so unbelievably excited ( and a bit nervous, worrying that she would not like doing it.), that while trying to show her how to tie the thread off, and how to position the eyeline...I think that I flubbed on the faces.  They are a bit off kilter and a bit too high.

But oh well, they still look cute as pie!

Doing the hair was a feat in itself.  She was oh so patient watching me stitch it into place and quickly took it from my hands to complete on her own.

She finished Little Miss Molly on the first night, complete with the most darling little dress I could have imagined.  Crocheted and the absolute perfect length.

She was hooked.

I left her with a bare body to work on alone.  Which she turned into the following little lady, dressed to the hilt with a pair of precious purple pants and a tunic.
She is still waiting to be named though.

Here is to more dollies, and a future in creating for Windfall Dolls with the girl that I love the most in this world.  


  1. Hooked does not describe it...I looked for more interlock today. They had not gotten more in, I am thoroughly in love with them! Thanks for the compliments, you were very patient, and are the best instructor! Love you. P.S...I think the brown haired las should be Lydia, just sayin'