Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Donating dolls ~ Lillipals ~ Tangerine and Rose

Last year, at this time of year, my father-in-law was in the hospital for surgery for his metastatic cancer.  The hospital that we chose for his treatment was a state away and I spent weeks there, roaming it's halls, meeting people.  While walking the halls I would wind my way towards the children's hospital.  I would feel the tears well up in my eyes as I passed little ones in wheelchairs, parents in tears, wilted flowers in need of fresh water.  They reminded me to be thankful.  How very thankful I should be for not only my own health, but that of my little boy and the rest of my family.

Fletcher Allen is a beautiful hospital in Vermont.  It is a teaching hospital and has a Children's Hospital on site where they treat not only premature babies, but children dealing with issues that no little one should have to go through, such as terminal cancer, cerebral palsy, kidney failure.

In an effort to further pass on the love of handmade that is Windfall Dolls, we have made a few new babes who are bound for Vermont.  To be hugged and loved by some little boys or girls who are spending Christmas surrounded by not only their loved ones, but the nurses and doctors who walk the halls of Fletcher Allen.

Tangerine and Rose are on their way...

Because giving feels so much better than receiving.


These little babes are made from a new doll pattern that we have been working on.  A scaled down version of our big girls mixed with our baby Waldorf Dolls.  They are called Lillipals (as in Lilliputian).  The clothes are simple and sweet and understated.  Patterns and tutorials to come soon.


  1. Beautiful and what a delight for the children receiving.

  2. This is such a sweet and heart warming story. Thank you for being such a gentle and kind person.
    I know these babies will will be loved and carry the stress and troubles of some amazing little ones. May their stitches hold through all the late night treatments and may their stuffing stay fluffy through all the squeezes while their holders get much needed shots stints and IVS.
    We have been through this, so I know that lovies like these are not just a God send but make the difference in the arms of those who hold them.
    These girls will be unsung heros listening to whispers and wishes, from not only the littlest holders but sometimes their mommas as well.
    Bless you.