Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Donating dolls ~ Lillipals ~ Tangerine and Rose

Last year, at this time of year, my father-in-law was in the hospital for surgery for his metastatic cancer.  The hospital that we chose for his treatment was a state away and I spent weeks there, roaming it's halls, meeting people.  While walking the halls I would wind my way towards the children's hospital.  I would feel the tears well up in my eyes as I passed little ones in wheelchairs, parents in tears, wilted flowers in need of fresh water.  They reminded me to be thankful.  How very thankful I should be for not only my own health, but that of my little boy and the rest of my family.

Fletcher Allen is a beautiful hospital in Vermont.  It is a teaching hospital and has a Children's Hospital on site where they treat not only premature babies, but children dealing with issues that no little one should have to go through, such as terminal cancer, cerebral palsy, kidney failure.

In an effort to further pass on the love of handmade that is Windfall Dolls, we have made a few new babes who are bound for Vermont.  To be hugged and loved by some little boys or girls who are spending Christmas surrounded by not only their loved ones, but the nurses and doctors who walk the halls of Fletcher Allen.

Tangerine and Rose are on their way...

Because giving feels so much better than receiving.


These little babes are made from a new doll pattern that we have been working on.  A scaled down version of our big girls mixed with our baby Waldorf Dolls.  They are called Lillipals (as in Lilliputian).  The clothes are simple and sweet and understated.  Patterns and tutorials to come soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A coupon gift for you!

As a thank you to our customers, and followers, and in celebration of the holidays, we are offering 10% off of your total purchase in our store! Just enter the coupon code 10XMAS when prompted at checkout! 

Coupon valid till January 1st. 

Tell your friends and thanks for the love!
Julia and Laura

And the Winner is!

We are so excited to see Windfall Dolls grow.  Lots of new friends with sweet children who wish for a handmade doll to care for and love.  
Little Miss Viv is all dressed in her outerwear and ready for a chilly ride to meet her new family.

In other Windfall Dolls news, we will be sharing the bonnet tutorial this coming week!  The next piece in your babies layette to go with the cloth diaper we shared a few weeks ago.

So be sure to check back.

Now for the winner by random number generation!
MaryAnne said...
 What a beautiful doll! And such gorgeous accessories, too!

We will be emailing you MaryAnne!

Thank you all so much.

Monday, December 12, 2011

::Windfall Doll Giveaway:: Meet Vivian

If you have found us via Sew Mama Sew.... Welcome.  
We are happy to have you here.


For our second Windfalls Doll giveaway, we would like to introduce you to Vivian.

We are so happy to give her a new home..... full of all of lots of hugs and kisses and love.

A bit about Vivian.

While we were making Vivian, soon after the preview post, we were having a hard time deciding on a name for this little miss.  After a talk with my friend, we decided on one that fits.  And so, Vivian was named by her Auntie Heather.  We thought that it was absolutely perfect for her.  

Miss Vivian.

She is made using Adirondack Patterns. She's a tall one, as she stands 18 inches tall (after adding a bit of length to our templates ).  She is made of interlock, stuffing and wool.   

She has the prettiest little blue eyes and a quirky grin.  
Oh, and those mohair pigtails?  They're the only way she likes her hair styled.  She says that it keeps it out of her eyes.

Her wardrobe is entirely handmade.

She is a happy little girl and is just learning how to walk.  She likes to pad around the house in her bare feet and giggles when she bumps into things and takes a tumble.  

She is a very precocious little one and likes to egg her big sister Holly into getting into mischief.

Her pants are upcycled from shirt sleeves, and we left the serged detail of the shirt at the hems.

Her dress is hand embroidered with a vintage crocheted doily.

Vivian loves to play with her baby doll and could sit for hours fishing through her toy basket.

When it's time to go outside and play, Viv puts on her best crocheted boots.  

She also keeps warm with her reversible cape.

If you are interested in having Vivian join your family, please become a follower of this blog and leave a comment at the end of this post. The giveaway will be open for one week.  We will randomly choose a winner at night on December 16th and we will contact the winner via email.  

Be sure to leave your email in your comment so that we can contact you!

For an extra chance to win:

~Write about Windfall Dolls on your Blog (feel free to use a picture of Vivian) and leave another comment letting us know that you did so.

Each comment counts as one entry


It saddens us to mention this, but we just want to be clear.  Please do not comment if you are planning on selling this doll.  She is meant to go to a family who will appreciate her.  It would break our hearts if she was given to someone with poor intentions.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A peek....

This new Windfalls Doll is coming along swimmingly.  She ended up being a bit of an experiment, as I wanted to make her taller than our normal template allows for.  Simply by increasing the height by an inch, We are now working on a beautiful AND taller girl.

And her hair, oh that glorious poof of hair.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Angel and it literally feels like I imagine a cloud would feel... if I could touch it.
It's my first time working with such a fine yarn and it was fun to get to see how it worked out.  I found that in the future, I will need to use a smaller crochet hook.  After I filled the cap with strands of yarn, I decided on needle felting some roving to cover some bare spots.

After giving her the most darling pigtails, we decided that her hairstyle would be a permanent style. We just liked it so much!

And now, she is busy picking out her wardrobe and accessories.

Only 4 more days until the giveaway!  
Please stop by on Monday to see her completed!

Monday, December 5, 2011

And the winner is!

We are so touched by the response to Windfall Dolls.  It is exactly what we were hoping for. Lots of happy homes with sweet children who wish for a handmade doll to care for and love.  
We truly wish that we had enough Hollys for you all.

Holly is a bit sad to be leaving her friends here in the Adirondacks, but she is oh, SO excited to meet her new family.

In other Windfall Doll news, we have decided to have one more giveaway this month!

In celebration of Windfall Dolls, we will be participating in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and will have another doll up for grabs starting on December 12th!   We have a few started, but we are unsure as to which one that we will be sharing.   (We're waiting for them to tell us. )

So be sure to stop by again.

Now for the winner by random number generation!
SortaCrunchy Megan said...Oh my goodness. Holly is BREATHTAKING! What an incredible work of art. I have two little girls here who would love to give her a new home. She is STUNNING.

We will be emailing you Megan!

Thank you all so much.