Thursday, November 24, 2011

A disclaimer

Disclaimer: Since we've already received a bit of flack from some anonymous people about sharing these dolls and the tutorials, we felt that we should explain our rationale below.

There are so many gorgeous Waldorf dolls out there. All that you have to do is do a search through Etsy for "Waldorf doll" and you are inundated with thousand and thousands of hits.  And they are all stunning and unique and precious.  SO many beautifully crafted dolls by some unbelievably gifted artists.

We can't run with those BIG DOGS and to be honest, we have no interest in doing so.

In truth, we love the thought of Mamas creating for their little ones.  That is why we spent hours creating our tutorials.  We have faith in handmade and in the hands that make them.  We have faith in mothers as crafters.  There truly is nothing quite so wonderful as seeing a doll that you have stitched and outfitted come to life before your own eyes.

It brings a feeling of old school, of care and love and time.  We happen to really like that.

Our dolls are inspired, of course. You can't make a Waldorf Inspired Doll without certain characteristics, but I assure you that our tutorials and patterns for our dolls and clothes are authentic to us.  They are ours and ours alone.

We share these dolls, clothing and our series of tutorials not to let some secret out of a bag or to step on any toes of those doll artists.  We just want to inspire and make it possible for other Mama's to make a doll for their little ones in case that they are unable to afford one of those beautiful dolls created by the many artists out there.

We offer our Windfall dolls as a giveaway ~ as a gift to this community.

Because every wee one deserves to have a beautiful doll to snuggle.

Here is the link to the store... Adirondack Patterns on Etsy. And if you can't afford the prices, get in touch with me. I bet we could work something out. ;)


  1. I love this and I love your patient explanations. I have looked at Waldorf dolls for my daughter many times but we just cannot afford the price. I can however, make my own doll.

  2. Hi! I own and run a small nursery school (look me up if you like on FB and the web) called Oak Hill Nursery School in upstate NY. I was intrigued by your comment above about having received 'flack' for sharing these tutorials and dolls....can you share why? I have my suspicions, but I would really like to find out..My opinion about this in general is this...if Rudolf Steiner were alive today to witness what has become an extremely off putting and elitist approach to his philosophy in terms of his educational ideas, he would be horrified. His goal, at the heart of his
    philosophy, is nothing but the deepest desire to defend the sanctity of childhood, and with that to ignite within each budding soul what is already there and waiting to be kindled.The seeds to a lifetime of imagination, reverence towards this earth, and the will to create the best for themselves and those around them are there within each child that comes to us..we need to give these impulses the right environment to begin to flourish and take hold for a lifetime. Through appropriate and careful nurturing and encouragement this will happen, and it is indeed a thing of beauty to witness when it can. What you are doing with your blog is a wonderful, generous and awesome thing. No one should try to protect these ideas, these templates or this philosophical standpoint from the general public. Steiner's first school was in a cigarette factory, for the workers' children who couldn't afford an education elsewhere. And no, there probably weren't any beautiful dolls there at the beginning.....yet the philosophy itself, with a caring and commited teacher who embodied Steiner's ideals nurtured those lucky children and gave them something that they almost certainly benefitted from for their whole lives. Your dolls will touch someone too, and as you point out, some lucky child will most likely remember her precious friend for a lifetime too. You go right ahead and share patterns, tutorials, and whatever else will help these beautiful gifts to touch as many lives as possible....Thank you!

  3. I have been researching about making a Waldorf inspired doll and got overwhelmed by the books and information that is out there. I was going to give up on my task but I ran into your website by pure coincidence while reading a blog post. There is nothing that I would like more than to make my girls a doll and I am now so exited that with your tutorials I may really be able to fulfill this dream for me but also for them. I am a parent that is very new to Waldorf but I am slowly learning more about how to implement it into my home.

    Thank you so much and I am on my way to look at your store so I can get started :-)